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Minimal dependencies apart from J2SE. Fully documented. See the online Documentation and the online JavaDoc. Comprehensive Test Coverage. Packages. festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.come, This package contains the public API for using ehcache. festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.comrap, This package contains the bootstrap cache loader. Ehcache User Guide · Core JavaDoc · Clustered Module JavaDoc · Transactions Module JavaDoc · Ehcache x User Guide also available as PDF  Ehcache User Guide - Ehcache Documentation in - Ehcache User Guide.

Main Ehcache API, including cache managers and caches. Builders designed to help with programmatic configuration of Ehcache using a fluent API. Ehcache API Documentation. API Documentation. Ehcache 3.x. Main API, Additional APIs Recent Ehcache 2.x. x, x, x. · · Cache is the central class in ehcache. Caches have Element s and are managed by the CacheManager. The Cache performs logical actions. It delegates.

A container for Ehcache s that maintain all aspects of their lifecycle. CacheManager may be either be a singleton if created with factory methods, or multiple. Return the value to which this cache maps the specified key. Returns null if the cache contains no mapping for this key; otherwise, the cached value (which may . Support classes for the open source cache EhCache 2.x, allowing to set up an EhCache CacheManager and Caches as beans in a Spring context. Ehcache Component. Available as of Camel x. The ehcache component enables you to perform caching operations using Ehcache 3 as the Cache. Constructor and Description. EhCache(festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.come cache). Constructs a new EhCache instance with the given cache.

An immutable Cache statistics implementation}. This is like a value object, with the added ability to clear cache statistics on the cache. Status. A pre JDK Camel:: Ehcache API festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.comsor .aggregate · festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.comtent. Terracotta Ehcache Installation Guide · Ehcache API TERRACOTTA JAVADOC FOR TCSTORE Ehcache API Developer Guide for BigMemory Go. net/sf/ehcache/ehcache-core/ 40 festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.com festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.com

Ehcache CacheManager that supplied Ehcache instances for this Hibernate MBean registration helper class instance for Ehcache Hibernate MBeans. · Remove META-INF folder and content from javadoc, 2 years ago rc1 · Javadoc for Ehcache release candidate 1, 2 years ago. rc2 · Javadoc. 1 package festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.come; 2 3 import festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.coml; 4 import festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.comle; 5 import festivalinternazionaledellafelicita.comtion. Javadoc · Mailing List. Instrumenting Ehcache. The metrics-ehcache module provides InstrumentedEhcache, a decorator for Ehcache caches: Instrumenting an Ehcache instance creates gauges for all of the Ehcache- provided statistics.


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